Rae Doel

The new universal hair length – The lob – Brisbane hairdresser

Yes, it’s been around for a while, but no, we’re still not over it and neither is the rest of the world. Have you heard about it? It’s called the Lob.

The lob is plain and simple. It’s a long bob; that length that you look at in the magazines and you can’t quite tell it the model has long hair or short. We define the lob as sitting anywhere from grazing the tops of your shoulders all the way down to the bottom of your collar bone. The most fun thing about the lob is all the differing ways to cut and style it. No lob is the same, so it’s a perfect style to play with.

Because my seemingly never-ending obsession with the gorgeous Margot Robbie is still in full swing, here’s a few examples of just how versatile the Lob truly is.

Whether middle parted or side parted, slick and straight or lightly waved (or curled), the Lob still sits well and functions the way it’s meant to. It’s light enough in weight to hold a wave nicely, giving the person a beautiful texture and long enough to sit well without looking flat or like a helmet on your head. Let’s face it, helmet hair hasn’t been cool since the 60s. Let’s leave it back there unless your aunt is having a themed 70th and you get to pull your best Austin Powers’ look.


Don’t panic! The lob also works if you’re going out somewhere nice and feel like a bit of fanciness with an up-style. With the photos above, you can see a more casual fun up style for something like a bridal shower or a girls night out on the left and then something a little more pinned and proper for a formal wedding or grad ball.


When it comes to lobs, the last thing you want to do is feel like you’ve taken your length too short too quickly. We’ll always take the time to make sure we know exactly where it is you’re looking for your length to settle and explain how the best way to style it will be BEFORE you have it cut.

Don’t fret though, hair grows back. For the most part, it has done since the day we were born and it will continue to do so. A lob may seem too short to start with but two weeks later, you’ll feel too long. Some start off with a LONG lob like the picture on the left and end up coming back next week for the picture on the right. A lob is a gateway cut; it’s one where you can be nervous to start off with and then fall in love with it over and over again. Feeling too thick with a lob? Thin it out with some choppy layers and texture. Have fine hair? Keep the length solid and straight and the illusion of thickness will trick even the keenest of trained eyes.

Next time you’re looking for a change, have a look at the versatility of a Lob and let us open your eyes to a world of possibilities.

The Oxford st Hair Team xx