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Race day hair tips

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Hat? Fascinator?  Hair up?  Hair down? Here are a few quick and easy hair styling tips to ensure your focus is on the Races, and not on a dishevelled ‘do!

Best Race day hairstyles

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If you hate hats and hairpieces, you need to make sure your hair is the stand out so that you’re not frowned upon for snubbing traditional headwear.

Glamorous curls tumbling to one side always do the trick for a dressy affair. Make sure your hair stays under control all day with Evo liquid rollers, and Builder’s paradise working hairspray.

Statement hair is also a great way to make the need for a hat redundant. An expertly crafted braid around your hairline, or a series of tightly woven braids will make your hair the crowning glory.

How to style your hair around a fascinator.

Styles should be simple and classic, such as a low ponytail or a chignon.

Hair should be immaculate and shiny. Opt for a shine maximiser like bhave Riot oil that not only gives shimmer but also keeps flyaways in place.

Always part your hair on the opposite side to the side on which you’ll be wearing your fascinator.

How to avoid hat hair.

If you do opt for a big hat, you still need to make sure your hair is under control underneath it.

Tumbling curls look fabulous falling from beneath a great hat, so make sure they look beautiful all day by using a product such as bhave Fresh Ends which gives great soft wave and curl control without overburdening.

Smooth your crown with a light hairspray prior to settling your hat, and should you choose to remove it later, you’ll be flyaway-free!

A low, slightly undone bun is also a great option to wear beneath a hat, and it will still look glamorous should you choose to remove your headwear later. Hold your style in place with Evo shebang bang.

Keep a gloss spray or serum such as Riot oil in your handbag for a quick touch-up if needed.

What’s your favourite Races hairstyle?